Linkedin: The Middle East’s Google for IT?

I’ve used Linkedin for a long time running, and one of the features that I enjoy most is the ability to join professional or recreational “groups.” I am part of quite a few groups involving Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Microsoft Access, etc. The groups give me an opportunity to ask questions and answer questions asked by others, which fosters great discussion and learning.

What about the title? How does it apply at all to what you’re getting at?

Well, one trend that I’ve noticed in my perusal of these group pages is that the majority of questions being askedĀ seemĀ to come from the middle east. Now, please understand that I am in no way profiling or attempting to slander a people group or anything like that. I am basing my assumption on the language barrier and names realizing that many could be here in the USA. However, it did make me wonder at the situation, assuming it’s true: we outsource a good amount of IT work to India and other countries. If they are using Linkedin to ask questions, many of which seem to be answered by folks in the United States, are we paying them to ask questions of professionals in the USA who could probably do that same work quicker (being that they already know the answers to these questions)?

This is just a question meant to foster discussion, not a rule or anything like that. Also, I know nothing about browsing restrictions in middle eastern countries that would limit their ability to search out the information on their own time.