I Heart Technology

It’s true… I won’t deny it! The catalyst to this post’s creation is nothing more than a circumstance that made me realize just how amazing technology is compared to even a handful of years in the past.

Story Time

Ok kids, gather ’round! I was driving home from work the other day and had planned to stop at a local gas station where the prices are usually slightly below the other area stations. My low gas indicator had been blinking furiously away and I figured that it would be worth a quick fill up to appease it. I glanced over at the sign; “3.61, not a bad price… definitely made the right choice,” I said to myself. Too bad I had already missed the exit and was looking at the sign from the highway.

A few minutes of disbelief in my own stupidity paved the way to a realization: I could just fill up at another gas station! Genius… some guys have it, some guys don’t. The only issue was that I didn’t want to get raked over the coals paying 3.80-something at another station. My Droid X stared quietly at me from its car dock, waiting patiently for me to recognize its potential. I popped open its browser and used Google’s voice search to search for “Valero gas sale Binghamton New York.” I know that the local Valero stations each have a gas sale on a different day. The fist hit was their site with a chart showing the station and the day. I checked the address for Tuesday and then brought up the Droid’s built in turn-by-turn. I spoke in the destination and, after waiting a few minutes for the device to be found by a GPS satellite, was off to the gas station. In a few minutes I was not only able to figure out which gas station had a sale (we also have shopper discount points at Valero so I definitely wanted to go with them) but was also given the shortest route from my current location. Wouldn’t you know, I took another wrong turn on my way… recalculating! GPS got me there in the same 6 minutes as the original quote… and then I found ten dollars. (Jkz! Rofllolz.)

Yeah awesome story, you filled up your gas tank.

I realize that it’s not particularly heart-pounding, but I thought it was incredible that I could do all of that from my phone, most of which was hands free and voice activated. Years ago, even when GPS devices were still an option, I wouldn’t have been able to figure out which gas stations of those propinquant to my current location had a gas sale that day.

Have a similar story? One that’s more exciting than mine? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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